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Categorization of Reserves

Each year departments responsible for current unrestricted funds categorize their reserves as outlined in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures 7000 (UAP7000).

Main and Branch Campus Fiscal Year End 2016 UAP 7000 Policy Review
Main and Branch Campus--VP Unit Fiscal Year End 2016 UAP 7000 Policy Review

Main Campus/Branch Campuses

FY17 UAP 7000 Policy Section 4 Deficit Compliance Exemption Template
Department FY17 UAP 7000 Policy Summary Memo
Student Affairs/Foundation/Colleges/Branches - FY17 UAP 7000 Policy Summary Memo
EVP Provost Office/EVP Administration Office - FY17 UAP 7000 Policy Summary Memo

FY17 Categorization of Reserves Deadlines

  • Departments August 19, 2016
  • Student Affairs/ Foundation/Colleges/Branches August 26, 2016
  • EVP Provost/EVP Administration September 2, 2016

UAP 7000 Categorization of Reserves Presentation

FY 2015-16 Reports 
Main Campus Current Unrestricted Ending Reserve schedules